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How to Dress for Breastfeeding in Winter

Posted on November 30 2017

How to dress for breastfeeding in Winter

Children are notoriously difficult to get dressed. Infants are a little easier, but their curious (and squirmy) nature presents its own set of problems. After wrestling your little one into their clothes, you might be so happy to get out the door that you don't give much thought to your own outfit.

You and baby rush out to start the day -- but then comes that awkward moment when it's feeding time, and you've bundled yourself in so many layers to ward against the cold that you don't think you'll ever get through your scarf, coat, sweater, camisole and bra. Neither does your baby, unfortunately, so now it's time to start up the waterworks and alert everyone in a mile radius that they're hungry and you simply aren't moving fast enough.

In many ways, having a newborn, particularly if you're breastfeeding, means relearning how to dress yourself as well. Ain't that the truth, right?!!

This is especially tricky during cold-weather months. Like who wants their belly to be exposed and frozen while having to be relaxed and calm while feeding baby? What's a new mom to do? Should you freeze for the sake of easy bra access, or should you bundle up and risk your hungry baby's wails as they wait for you to break through your winter clothing cocoon?

Well, not to fear. Fabbricadellearti has you covered (figuratively and literally) with innovative nursing clothing that will keep you warm and your baby happy.


The Basics

These ain't your mama's nursing clothes. We're talking fashion and function here. For the simplest solution, try a nursing tank to layer under any hoodie or jacket, maybe even in a cool pencil stripe pattern. Not a fan of tanks? No problem. Fabbricadellearti also has comfortable nursing sweaters in a variety of colors and styles. These tops are perfect for mild weather and warmer fall and winter days. Just throw on a hoodie or a jacket and you're good to go.

What if it's colder out, though? That's when you might consider a warm, stylish hoodie or sweater. The design is cozy, but light enough to pack on a heavier down or fleece jacket if needed over it.  The best part of all is that these maternity nursing tops are virtually indistinguishable from "regular" clothing, so you'll be able to wear them long after you've stopped breastfeeding.


Layer, Layer, Layer!

Bun styles are really designed with layering in mind for when the weather starts to cool down.  You also don't have to pick just one. The trick to staying warm while nursing is layering, of course, but how do you balance that while nursing?

Layer your breastfeeding clothes. It might sound wild, but think about it: You can wear a nursing top as your base layer and cover up with a cozy knit wrap also designed for nursing mothers, and voila! You're warm, baby gets fed without much fuss, and everyone's happy. And if you can look stylishly chic while doing all that, well, that's just further proof that you rock, mom.

Fabbricadellearti heather gray nursing pullover sweater.

Relax Daily Nursing Pullover Sweater in heather gray. Pair it with a pom pom beanie and try the stretchy ribbed Nursing Infinite Scarf for handy extra coverage if needed.


Bun Cozy Nursing Hoodie outfit for breastfeeding in Fall.

The Cozy Nursing Hoodie is a mom uniform favorite.  Perfect for layering under any jacket or vest (Patagonia vest shown) and is the ideal accompaniment to some yoga pants (Lululemon yoga pants shown) and sneakers for a busy day out with your baby.  Wear this look well after breastfeeding is over.


Jade green wide strap cotton nursing tank top with Aviator Nation hoodie and Converse sneakers outfit for mom.

Color pop your bump style, or nursing outfit with fun choices from the ribbed tank collection that features wide straps and a 360 stretch for any stage you're in.  These are ideal for a layered look that can go from work, street, to play. 

Heather gray ribbed snap nursing tank layered with flannel top and paired with distressed Levi jeans.
Distressed jeans (Levi's shown), comfy shoes (Adida's shown), and a flannel top will completely transform your nursing style.   The heather gray nursing tank is versatile enough to go under any button up for discreet and quick nursing access.  You're friends will never know you've dressed for breastfeeding success.