Mother, baby and breast pump in foreground

A lot of women like the idea of having a breast pump on hand when they start nursing their little one. A breast pump can come in handy in terms of increasing your milk supply, allowing working moms to pump and still feed their baby breast milk, and the list goes on. Moms often have a lot of questions in regards to getting a breast pump that is covered by their insurance. This is a very important concern and one that should be addressed. Here are some common questions about getting a breast pump covered by insurance. 

Will My Insurance Cover My Breast Pump?

The biggest concern and question that women have in regards to getting a breast pump is if the pump will be covered by their health insurance. The short answer to this question is yes. It is required for health insurance agencies to include a breast pump as part of your plan. However, there are a few exceptions. Because health insurance plans weren't required to cover all breastfeeding services and equipment until Obamacare came into effect, the plans that were grandfathered in don't have to offer this coverage. In order to see where you stand, you can make a call to your insurance provider or check online. 

What Kind Of Breast Pump Is Covered?

The type of breast pump that you get will depend on your health insurance provider and your doctor. Most insurance companies either offer an electric or a manual pump for you to use when you are breastfeeding. However, they do take into account what your doctor recommends. In fact, some companies rely completely on what your OBGYN says is best for you and your situation. This gives you the opportunity to sit down with your doctor and discuss your nursing plan and what you feel will work best for you. The great thing is that both kinds of breast pumps are very effective at pumping your milk and can allow you to successfully pump. 

How Do I Get My Breast Pump?

The process of getting your breast pump generally isn't as simple as making a trip to the store to get one. You instead must follow the procedure that your insurance requires. While some insurance companies will simply have you send in the receipt from purchasing the breast pump and will reimburse you, this is often not the case. Most insurance companies want you to purchase the breast pump from a specific medical supply company in order for them to pay for it. The nice thing about getting your breast pump from a medical supply company is the fact that you can often purchase your pump online, making the process much easier for you. 

Can I Keep My Breast Pump Forever?

Whether or not you get to keep your breast pump forever will depend on your insurance and what their exact specifications are. The best way to find out whether or not you qualify for keeping your breast pump, or if you only have it on rental for the duration of your time nursing, is to simply call up your insurance company and ask. They will have detailed information on your policy and will be able to tell you all the rules and regulations regarding your breast pump. 

Knowing that most insurance companies will cover a breast pump is great news to most moms. They also appreciate that what type of pump they can get, how they get their pump, and whether or not they can keep their pump are all questions that have solid answers as soon as they contact their insurance provider. 

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