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Everything you need Checklist - What's in my Hospital Birth Bag!

Posted on May 07 2018

mom in cozy nursing hoodie after giving birth at hospital
Mom ( @adventures.of.dre ) in the Cozy Nursing Hoodie after giving birth to her son.

    Are you almost due? Here's what's in my hospital birth bag!  At 38 weeks pregnant, I will suggest starting to pack your bag by at least 37 weeks since everyday that passes you may be more tired and overwhelmed with many more things you will want to get done.  Not to mention, at 38 weeks you never know when your little bundle of joy will want to make his appearance!

    Use this list to help you along the way in deciding what essentials you will need and maybe a few optional items to help your experience be more comfortable. Remember, even if you forget some items, don't sweat it mama!  You're sure to have plenty of help, support, and resources around you to ensure you have all you need for D day.

    Try not to overpack because clutter or not being able to find what you need can be more stressful than helpful.  See if the things below will work for you and add any additional items as needed. 

    Pack your Hospital Bag Checklist:

    • ID, forms, insurance card, pocket money, and birth plan.  Note: Many places will allow you to be pre-registered so you won't have to worry about forms and such. If you do this, they'll have your information in the system so it's less to worry about. Also, some hospitals/centers will have a board where you can mark off your birth plans, or you've discussed this previously with your doctor.  Its just less to worry about and less things to bring.
    • Phone charger/electronics
    • Nursing Bra(s) wireless; 1-2
    • Nursing pads
    • lanolin/nipple cream
    • Disposable/ruinable undies for big pads and/or disposable mesh undies. Note: Check with your hospital to see what they provide for you. Most likely they will give you this, but nonetheless, you need to be stocked with extra pads and you might like having your own undies for when you are at home.
    • Toiletries such as hair shampoo/dry shampoo, conditioner, body soap, face cleanser, face moisturizer, toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash. Use all Travel size as possible.
    • Natural oil such as 100% shea butter to stay moisturized. This doubles as your go to for lips, neck, hands, etc. This way you don't need to pack multiple moisturizers and also if it gets on the baby it will be okay.
    • no skid comfy socks
    • Eye stuff for contacts or eye glasses
    • BB Cream, concealer, mascara, and lip stain. All these are quick and easy to apply for when you need a pick me up and may want to take a few pictures.  Just a touch of each can freshen you up and make you feel good.
    • Perineal washer such as the "Mom Washer" aka Fridet by Frida Baby. Witch Hazel and hemorrhoids cream as necessary. 
    • Nursing tank tops and Relaxed Nursing Hoodie.  These make nursing as people are coming in and out of the hospital room easy, comfortable, and keep you covered and warm.  The nursing hoodies are comfy enough for skin to skin with baby for extra bonding love. The fit of these items will work for postpartum recovery as you will still be "pregnant looking".
    • loose clothing like big sweat pants with tie (not tight elastic) or nightgown
    • soft towel
    • robe

    Optional items can include music (probably on your phone already), reading material, snacks, aromatherapy oil, and your own pillow.

    Use zip lock bags for easy viewing, storing, and disposal.

    Be sure to not forget the baby's CAR SEAT and a going home outfit.

    Have your partner also pack a light bag with an overnight outfit and toothbrush.

    I am using very inexpensive bag(s) to pack my items or you can use any easy to zip open bag you already have. No need to buy a special bag for this. You can also bring an extra reusable bag to include the items the hospital is going to be giving to you to bring home. 

    Good luck mamas and remember, you got this!! This is what a woman's body is meant to do and if you miss a few things, no big deal, you're little love bug is all you really need. 

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