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New Mom Pack Your Hospital Bag Essentials

Posted on September 18 2016

New Mom Essentials for Packing Your Hospital Bag

Packing a bag for your trip to the hospital should not be a daunting task, however, the case of baby brains could definitely set in so we've created this compilation of "must brings" for you to ease the task at hand. 

This list of birth essentials for the big day when baby is ready to meet the world should be gathered together at about 34 or 35 weeks.  Do NOT overpack mama! need the essentials so we are going to leave out things like journals, magazines, picture frames,  books, and gifts.  

Prepping in advance should most likely give you ample time to make adjustments as necessary.  Feeling calm and not rushed about having your hospital bag ready will be as important as the days leaning closer to the event.  

So let's get started!

New Moms List of Essentials Must Haves to Pack Your Hospital Bag

  • A towel and plastic garbage bag. Leave this on top of the hospital bag at the end so it's handy if you need it.  What you say? Yea, so IF your water breaks in the car you would have laid the plastic down and then the towel down to protect your car seat.  It does make cleaning easy if necessary and if you are able to get to doing it in the first place.

  • Really Important Documents  picture ID, hospital registration/papers, insurance info, birth plan, marriage license.  Your hospital can assist you in a list of documents needed.  

  • Camera and Cell Phone Charger!  Bring that cam, get the batteries all charged up, extra chargers if needed, and let your birth photog know details if you are going to use one instead.

  • A little cash, change, credit cards for parking, snacks, quick needs that you may need to send someone to grab.

  • Toiletries. You know what you need for your face, teeth, and body to stay clean and fresh feeling.  Since you may be nursing...go for organic products.  This is where you may need to visit your local natural food store and grab some travel size toiletries. 

  • Disposable Undies. Be prepared to feel "super sexy" in your mesh undies provided by the hospital OR bring your own.  You can even use cotton undies and get ultra absorbent pads with extra to leave at home because you will be needing these! Make sure you get these undies in a few packs so you can throw them away!  It will make life a little ( actually a LOT ) easier.

  • Nightgown and Warm Socks.  The hospital provides you with the essentials but sometimes wearing your own nighty will feel comfortable and homey.  Bring one that is extra loose with openings for testing blood pressure and so the nurse can get to you as needed.  Something in a simple light cotton without synthetic fibers, without lots of dyes, and no trims, will let your skin breathe best.  

  • Hair tie.  You may want to get your hair up and out of your face.

    New Mom breastfeeding baby in her Fabbricadellearti Ribbed Snap Nursing Tank Top
    The Ribbed Snap Nursing Tank is 100% cotton to be soft on moms' skin.  
    • Don't forget your Fabbricadellearti Nursing Tank Tops and Tee Shirts for going home.  Soft tees and tanks that have quick, simple breastfeeding access will be essential for your sensitive skin and will be an absolute must if you are planning to be nursing.  

    If you are, you'll be nursing right away as baby finds his/her way to the breast.  For this time, once you get settled in enough to change clothes and especially for your going home outfit, Bun clothing will be handy so you can continue nursing on demand.  

    It's a plus the styles happen to be extra cute and the breathable Australia made fabrics will keep a new mom feeling pampered as she gets ready to exit the hospital.  Pair these nursing tops with something like really loose and flowy yoga pants.  Choose stretchy or flowy styles for tops since your body size will be newly adjusting.  Try with a sports bra, bandeau, or seamless nursing bra with breast pads.


    • Flip flops.  Easy slip on shoes will be very useful in keeping your feet clean and off the floor.  Make sure your shoes aren't slippery on the bottom or add non slip stickies to your shoe soles.

    • Baby Nail Clippers or Mittens, and Blanket.  Some babies come out with long nails that they can scratch their face with!  Baby might need a little trim or file down.  You may also want your own baby blankie as an extra option but the hospital also gives you this.

    • CAR SEAT.  You'll need this to bring your baby home sweet home.

    Now there's a lot more you could be packing but sometimes less is more!  You need the basics.  If you have time throw in some BB Cream and bronzer.  It's been heard from many mamas that a little freshen up always makes them feel good.  A few extras too like a pillow from home, pictures, soothing music, and magazine can go a long way.  Have your partner bring these items along if you've got the room and time.  Nonetheless, the hospital can provide many essentials needed...though you may be charged for those items so it's a good idea to bring the necessities. 

    You are doing great mama!  Get these things in order and you'll be steps ahead and feeling better as your date comes closer.  

    Big congrats and we're sending you positive energy and good vibes for you and your family! XOXO!!

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